Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Before everyone decided to start falling like flies with strep throat, horrific coughing and boogers like you wouldn't believe, we took a trip about an hour south of Santiago to a little town called Pomaire, known for it's pottery among other things.  It was incredible! 
 People really do get nicer the farther away you get from the city :)

 The kids got an up close and personal look at how the pottery is made.  

 It was their favorite part!
 Check out that "smile" from Luke.  Nice.

 Jake requested an elefante piggybank; Kate a gato;  He let them help make their own!  It was awesome.

 Checking out one of the many shops on the main street

 Biggest empenada we've ever seen.  
 The empenadas were yummy, but don't think we'll be buying the big ones again.  We took a bite into it and there was an entire chicken leg inside.  Not my kinda thing...

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.  

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Sue said...

Looks wonderful, minus the chicken leg empanada, that is.