Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Labor Day...

...falls on May 1st in Chile.  It was a Wednesday this year, so it wasn't like we had a long weekend to go anywhere extra thrilling.  Our neighbors and good friends the Forzanni-Smiths invited us to have a BBQ with them up in the mountains.  We happily agreed!  We were excited to see someplace new and spend some QT with them.  

 The grill took a bit to get going, but once it did, we ate like kings and queens.  When it comes to food, Leslie's Peruvian abilities are incredible.  I've got to actually write some of her recipes down instead of just eating what she makes!!!
 Gabby, Isi and Kate taking all of the goodies and making their own picnic table
 Don't ask.  There was dirt everywhere.
 Yes, this is his "new look" when I tell him to smile for the camera.  You'll be seeing plenty of it.
 Yep. You're a tough guy.

 Jake was LOVING time with Dad on the swings

 Yet another tough guy pic.  Seconds before, he tripped, fell, and hit a rock right on his forehead.  Biggest goose egg I've seen since Kate did something similar when she was about his age-- it involved dancing with her eyes closed in a hotel hallway...

 I finally got a normal smile out of him when we started playing hide and seek in the best climbing tree ever.

 Scott and Leslie.  So grateful for their friendship.  Our girls started school in the same class on the same day together, and about 2 weeks later we finally realized we lived in the same condominio.  They have been such a blessing!!

It was a wonderful afternoon!

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Sue said...

Looks like you've found some great friends.