Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Student Lead Conferences at Nido

And then it was Kate's turn.  They don't do parent teacher conferences at Nido.  They do student lead conferences.  So I was welcomed into Kate's classroom and she was in charge.  There were 6 different stations.  We went around to each one and she had a chance to show me what she has been working on.  We played math games, she read me one of her favorite stories she had written, she presented a power point on koalas that she put together completely by herself...I was so impressed!!!

 Then we had the chance to visit her other classes, listen to her Spanish presentation, see her artwork displayed and listen to her play a little music on the instruments in her music class.  
What a great day!  I had so much fun seeing everything that she has accomplished!  I am so proud of you, Kate!  I feel so incredibly blessed that Heavenly Father sent down such amazing kids for me to look after.  We scored ;)

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