Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Different Kind of Prayer...

One Sunday not too long ago, our family had just sat down in a pew at church and was trying to get settled right before the meeting was about to begin.  The bishop came up to us and asked if I could say the opening prayer and if Joe could say the closing.  We said "sure," and as he turned around headed back up to the stand, I suddenly panicked.  "In English or in Spanish?!!!"  Now, when it comes to praying, I do it a lot.  My prayers aren't memorized--they come straight from the heart.  Spanish doesn't come from my heart.  So I haven't really practiced prayers in the language.  But I wanted the congregation to know that I'm at least trying to get better at speaking it.  You bond better.  

I heard the prelude to the opening song and noticed we'd be singing 4 verses.  Sweet--it'd give me a little time.  I turned to Joe and he helped me write down a few things I'd like to say.  I said them over and over and then when it was time for me to open the meeting with prayer, I stood up and walked to the front...with my tiny notes in hand.  I was slightly embarrassed by this, but there was just one line I couldn't remember!  I made it through without peeking until the very last line.  "Please help your Spirit to be with us in our meetings."  I cracked just one eye to find the word I needed in Spanish, and closed my prayer.  I went back down to sit with the fam and Joe leaned over and whispered, 
"You did a great job!  Just remember-- 'meetings' is 'reuniones' not 'reniones'--that's kidneys."

I started to laugh.  I couldn't stop. "Please help your Spirit to be with us in our kidneys."  Nice.  First time I try to sneak notes for a prayer and that's what I get.  Ha!  Maybe they'll never ask me to pray in public again down here--at least without a little more notice :)