Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Arts in Action 2014

This was the 20th year that Nido has put on a show celebrating a variety of art programs.  So, they made it a pretty big deal!  All of the students participated in one way or another.  Kate was part of the "Celebration" Dance.

 There were showcases of artistic designs to music...
 Dancers, Black Belt Karate, Gymnastic Olympians, Live bands, and singing too!
 It was a nice program and the kids really enjoyed it! 
 Alli and Kate
 3B friends:  Luke, Sofi, Kate, Renata, Anna and Sabine
 After the performance, Luke and I grabbed lunch and met Karen and her kids at the park for a bit.  It was a beautiful day.  
We apparently couldn't get enough of it, so after yet another dental appointment to fix Luke's other broken tooth from his fall, the Whitt's came over for dinner and a little more excitement.  What another wonderful day!  It almost felt like summer again :)

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