Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Moments

 Hitting Barrio Italia with Stephanie Edeen (USA), Sabrina Thai (Singapore), and Liz Haynes (Australia)!  Such a great morning with these moms from Jake's class.  I truly love our international experience down here. And, I LOVED Barrio Italia.  Such a unique part of Santiago.  After we purused and shopped for a bit, we finished with lunch at Casaluz (Avenida Italia 805, Providencia).  BEAUTIFUL setting.
 Joe was in Switzerland for two weeks at the end of March and beginning of April.  After the first week, I grew quite lax when it came to who slept where.  Every night, I had either Kate, Jake or Luke surprise me around 3am.  Completely fine when you are the only one in a California King.    I came into my room to go to bed one night though, and found these two snuggled in.  How cute is that?!  And then I wondered where the heck I was going to sleep :) They know just how to spread their little bodies out, don't they?!
 Joe picked out the BEST watch for me (and a LOT of Swiss chocolate for all of us) while he was away.  I have had my old one for at least 18 years and you can really tell.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!  THANK YOU SO MUCH, Joe!  What a good eye!  I can't help it.  I've always loved surprises. 
The master at forts constructed a tent for General Conference weekend.  I got waffle duty.  Was totally fine with that. 
Check out the coolest eggs we found on a walk one day at our park in our condominium!  They were just sitting out in the open right by the little playground!  But don't think they weren't being guarded!  The mama and papa were squawking away and even chasing dogs to protect their eggs.  They are the Southern Lapwings and they are all over down here.  Noisy, big birds with the most beautiful looking eggs!  Here's what they look like: 
Hanging out with friends at the pool....this is how we entertain ourselves :)  
Love Britnay and those Evans kids!
Kate's swim team went to an invitational with 10 other Chilean schools on Saturday!  Scheduled to start at 4pm.  Got going at almost 5 and we were finally finished with her 50 back and 50 breast at 8:30pm.  The meet was still going strong when we left.  Talked to a Chilean and asked if this was normal.  "Oh yes--this is actually moving quite quickly!  Usually they say we'll be finished at 7, and the older kids are still swimming at 10:00 at night!"  One word.  INSANE.  But we were so proud of Kate!  She took 2nd breast and 3rd in back!  WAY TO GO, BABE! So worth it to see you swim... although we might rethink going to the next one run by this club ;)

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