Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

Started off wonderfully with the Whitt's, McQueens, Hamiltons and Swains on Saturday morning for an intense Easter Egg Hunt.  The kids were armed with baskets, buckets, bags...whatever they could they awaited the opening of the gate.

Dallin and Jake
The anticipation...
These two got a 20 second head start.  I'm not sure it helped much, but they felt really good about it.

Perfect Autumn weather for a hunt

Melissa McQueen and her dad, Mike 
After everyone found their 20 eggs, it was time to crack them open and stuff as much candy in as possible,  while we put out brunch.

What a crew!  

Let's just say after this spread, along with homemade waffles and egg strata...I was totally satisfied for HOURS.  This is a very difficult thing to accomplish in my book...I can always eat a little something soon after most meals ;)

Truly loved it.  
Thanks, Karen, Laura, Grace and Tracy.  I'm really going to miss each one of you come June. 

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