Monday, April 21, 2014

The Amazon in Santiago

The kids had 2 days off from school last week for Easter.  I couldn't have been more thrilled!  Everyone was ready for a bit of a break.  We didn't have anything specific planned.  Just sleeping in, preparing for Easter, big breakfasts and maybe a trip to the Amazon...

Selva Viva just opened up in Parque Arauco, so the Hamiltons, Whitt's and the Berryhill's decided we needed to check it out!

 We learned that albino snakes only exist in captivity.  I guess I had never thought of that before... they wouldn't last very long in the wild!!

Did you know that these guys have a third eye on top of their head?  They don't use it to actually's more of a sensor.

Luke had no fear when it came to the toucan!  He had plenty of practice in Brazil :)

The butterflies were amazing!

Jake was one of the lucky ones to actually have one land on him!

Thanks, Kate, for snagging a picture of me in action!  The macaws gave us plenty to chuckle about...pooped on me...ate Laura's hair band... I love Karen's face in this one.  Classic.  Makes me laugh every time I see this.

There were plenty of animals, reptiles, fish and and birds that wowed us all.  I finally got to see a live spitting fish in action!  I had only seen pictures and read about them in books!  They are a lot smaller than I imagined...but wow can they project that water to catch their food!

Black dots on a chameleon = too close!  It was so cool to see him get mad right before my eyes ;)

All in all, it was a good day with these creatures :) Everyone decided we needed a little lunch, some ice cream and then time to escape the humidity in that tiny jungle--so we headed to the park. 
   What a great way to kick off our Easter weekend.  Thank you everyone!

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