Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sometimes You Just Need to Relax and Eat Asado

On Thursday evening, Joe's finance team and significant others came to our home 
to relax, eat, talk, and eat some more :)  
The day was full of preparations. 
Luke and I went down to Roche in the morning to pick up the food that people were bringing so we could bring it back home and keep it cold.  When we walked into the office, we were greeted with lots of hugs and "holas" and kisses on the cheeks.  As soon as the attention was turned to the little man, he pulled the shy card and immediately ran behind me and stuck his face right in my bum.  Unfortunately he is at just that perfect height, and this seems to be the best place he has found to hide, because it happens quite often.  Sigh...
Within seconds, Maca handed him a yellow balloon and suddenly he perked right up.  As we were driving home, I heard from the backseat, " Mom, after we go home, make cookies, clean up the house, get ready for the party and go to the store, I'm gonna paint my room!  Because I'm 3!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Hmmmmm....maybe not today.  We have enough going on.  But I LOVE the excitement and enthusiasm that comes out of that mouth.  The world is an exciting place for Luke Berryhill and I'm so happy he sees the joy in all of it.

Before we knew it, Joe's team began knocking on our door, and our home was filled with happy noise.  
 Jean Paul and Marcelo took over the Asado, and they taught us some AMAZING tricks. Incredible!
 I don't have a chance to interact with Joe's team very much, so it was a lot of fun to be in a relaxed setting where I could get to know them a bit better.  

 Jake decided before the party began, that he wanted to be at the door, welcoming every single person.  He started off shirtless and barefoot, and as the evening wore on, he got cozy.  Summer has left us, after all! He opened the door, welcomed people in, and handed them a personal, unique picture that he had drawn just for them.  I thought it was the cutest thing!  He refused to leave his station until we were 100% sure that everyone had indeed made it to our home.

 After the group photo, I went to walk inside and found Woody staring right at me through the window.  Freaked me out at first.  I thought it was another Jake move, but apparently Woody was making his way around our house.  Hysterical.  Whoever you were, you gave me a good laugh :)

The party was a success!  We LOVED having everyone here!  Luke was the only one who begged me to put him in bed early.  Kate and Jake were up until almost 11 on a school night, but at least it was almost the weekend :)  Joe and I made it to bed just before 2am.  Pretty early for a Chilean Party!  Thank you Roche Finance Team for coming and spending your night with us.  We had a wonderful time. 


Francesca said...

Hey Joe and Julie, that is really awesome. Looks like everyone had a great time. Sure it will add a lot to the spirit of cooperation and team effort of your group! Dad

Eventos Mágicos said...
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Juliana Gallo said...

Julie and Joe,
Thank you very much for opening your home to us. We had a wonderful evening. It was lovely to get to know you and your beautiful family. Your kids are amazing!
Hope to you soon...
Juliana & Marcelo