Sunday, January 20, 2013

Super Family

As I was doing the dishes one afternoon, I heard a little body run around the corner and come tearing into the kitchen.  "MOM!  WE HAVE TO SAVE SOMEBODY!"  I looked up and saw this:

Yes, that is one of my old pedometers attached to the waist of those angry bird briefs.  Jake had discovered his purpose and found a costume to match.  I was hysterically speechless.  Then I realized he had been glued to the "Larry Boy Super hero" movie and music that Momo and BG had sent for Christmas.  In one of the Veggie Tale songs Larry says, if you don't have a uniform, just grab some underwear!  And that is exactly what Jake did.   
The following day Jake came to me with one of his undershirts and a sharpie, and his pack of power on his back.  Apparently the footie jammies were a little too hot.  "Mom, I need you to write Super Jake" on my shirt for me.  It's been worn for 3 days straight. Notice a new set of briefs over the shorts?  I even found our super hero swimming in the pool in his get-up.  The best part is that every night this week, when Jake says his prayers, he asks Heavenly Father to bless our "Super Family," and I am now officially addressed as "Super Mom."  I hope you'll ALWAYS use your powers for good, Jake!  You are superbly super and I'm so glad we are in this one together :)

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