Monday, January 14, 2013

Lake District Getaway: Segment 4--Volcan Osorno

 The day we decided to hike Volcan Osorno, the air was warm and the sky was clear.  Perfect.  
 We did discover there are these enormous black flies that have branded this region their home.  Biggest things I've ever seen.  They caused a few screeches from our car... but didn't seem to bother Jake.  
He's the man.  
 Getting pumped up for the start of our climb

 Caught a lizard half way up and had to give it some love.  We should have fed it some of the flies... oh wait-- the flies were twice it's size.  No joke.  

 The steps we were supposed to take on our path didn't quite stay their course, but we did!
You never know what may lie ahead in life.  Follow the straight and narrow and don't chase the wayward ways...  Always teaching moments even on a volcano :)
 We made it!!!  The kids wanted to go all the way up to the snow, but it took us long enough to get to the end of the trail.  We figured we'd call it good.  

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