Monday, January 14, 2013

Lake District Getaway: Segment 3--Lago Todos Los Santos

 We decided to take a boat ride across the Lago Todos Los Santos to the town of Peulla because we heard that the minerals in the lake make it an emerald gem.  Unfortunately the day of our ride, the sky was full of clouds.  At least we didn't have rain!!!  Grateful for that.
On our way there, we stopped to see the waterfalls of the Petrohue river.

Cold, but neat to see.  That is Volcan Osorno behind us, covered in clouds.

 Then we boarded the boat to the town of Peulla.

 There is an option to go all the way across the lakes and through the mountains and end up in Bariloche, Argentina--but you needed a couple of days to make that happen, and we didn't have quite enough time.  We'll have to hit the chocolate capital of Argetina another time.

 After the chilly ride, we arrived in Peulla to explore the tiny, remote village.  
Only 5 students at the local school!

 We got to meet and feed all sorts of animals...including emu's!  They truly are enormous creatures and  those feet look like they emerged straight out of the dinasour age.  This one had a thing for Kate.  After she fed him, he continued to walk with us around the entire farm.  I always knew she was good with animals...
 Even with llamas and reindeer!

 Jake was all for feeding the goats and the reindeer, but steered clear of the big birds and overly friendly llamas.  Our guide wanted us to meet the reindeer, but they were high up in the hills.  The next thing we knew, he was laying on his horn over and over again!  What was he doing?!!!  Apparently that is how they get the attention of the deer!  They better not ever release these guys into back into "nature" or they are in trouble!!

 A slight glimpse of the emerald green of Todos Los Santos.  I can only image how beautiful it is on a clear day!  Luke slept the entire time we were there.  He woke up just as we were boarding the boat to head back to Puerto Varas.  
 Jake didn't mind the chill.  He loved watching the water come spitting out of the back of the boat.  
 So far Chile has been good to us :) 

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