Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lake District Getaway: Segment 5-- Island of Chiloe

We said "chao chao" to Puerto Varas and hopped in the car to drive SW where we boarded a ferry that would take us to the 2nd largest island in Chile (1st being Tierra del Fuego), Chiloe.  
 As soon as we got on the island we headed straight for Punihuil where we heard penguins would be waiting for us.  We were pleasantly surprised when the long, tiny, dirt road opened up to this beautiful expanse of coastline with a handful of boats lined up waiting for eager tourists :)  We donned our life jackets, explored the tide pools full of starfish and crabs, and waited for our turn.

We hit it a perfect time.  
We got to ride in the boat and watch the penguins struggle to climb to safety after catching their dinner.


We also got to see some other really interesting birds!   
Couldn't understand the Spanish Guide when he explained what they were--I need to look them up.

 It was too pretty to leave right away.  And plus, we stopped to check into our room before coming here, and no one was too excited to get back to it!!!  Let's just say mildew, NASTY carpets, and opting not to shower might give you an idea... you can do anything for one night, right???  

 So we stayed a while and enjoyed what we love most.
 No color enhancement here-- Pink and Green seaweed.  Amazing.
The kids were sure something magical was going on in the water.

Great first day in Chiloe.

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