Sunday, January 20, 2013

Experiences at the Shoe Store

Luke wouldn't keep his shoes on.  The last time I remember that happening was with Jake--every Sunday when we picked him up from nursery, the leaders would hand me his artwork and his shoes.  When I finally had his feet measured, I felt horrible, because I had been stuffing his feet in shoes 2 sizes too small.  So, learning from my mistakes, I decided we needed to visit the local Falabella (kind of resembles a Macy's) to have the kids feet checked and to update shoes as needed.  Couldn't be too difficult, right? I was planning on about an hour total to get everyone sized and pairs of 
shoes picked out. 
We walked into the shoe department and in my incredible Spanish I explained that we needed to get some shoes for all three kids.  I didn't know what size they were, so I needed to have that checked...
The kind woman asked me what size the kids shoes were now, in between all of the "Que lindas!" (the kids get stared at and pictures taken of them most places we go...)  and then proceeded to just bring out sizes that she thought might work.  I asked again if we could get their feet measured, and FINALLY I understood that they didn't have foot measuring things.  I understand that stores down here like Lider (Walmart owned) don't have them, but I figured a nice store with a special shoe department might have something along those lines.  I was wrong.  We spent over 2 1/2 hours guessing if the shoes fit and if they felt good.  Try asking your 2 year old if his shoes feel good!!!  Wow.  That was really fun.  

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Anonymous said...

And so expensive! We buy lots of shoes at home every summer and are so bummed if they don't make it through the year!