Monday, January 14, 2013

Lake District Getaway: Segment 2-- Frutillar and Puerto Octay

In the late 1800's, Germans were invited by the Chilean government to come and settle the land around these beautiful lakes, so the Mapuche people weren't the only ones living in these parts.  They did quite the job of turning this part of Chile into a European wonderland.  All of the homes, the churches,  and the countryside took us to another world.  We drove from Puerto Varas around Lake Llanquehue to visit Frutillar and Puerto Octay--other picturesque towns.
 Don't mind the dog to the right... they are what brought us back to reality and reminded us that we were still in beautiful Chile.

 Just a few of the cool birds we have seen down here.  There are so many new varieties... I've gotta get a book so I can truly be my father's daughter and learn their names :)

The rain was getting to my hair... but I was relieved it wasn't bothering anyone's spirits!
 Gorgeous.  Look closely... those are clothes adorning the fence of that little home, waiting to be
sun soaked.   That's how everyone does it down here.

We couldn't take too many pictures.  
I was thanking Joe the entire time for our little detour to Concepcion for the charger to my battery!

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