Sunday, September 6, 2009

Summer's Here and We're Officially White Trash!

Ok, Ok... I'll explain. When we bought our home in sweltering Pleasanton last summer, I was a little concerned that the kids were going to need to cool off every now and again. I happened to be looking for a bookshelf for Kate on, when I happened to come across above-the-ground pools. I've always thought they were cheap and corny. I never gave it much thought until I saw that it was the end of summer sale and there were sizzling deals! This 4 x 12 foot pool was 60% off! It was too good to be true-- and yes, there was free shipping. I made a spontaneous decision that we NEEDED a pool-even if it was above the ground! Well, it came. By the time it got here, the weather had turned, so I tucked it away in our shed until this last July!

One day I decided that we needed to put it up. Joe's reply? "I don't even want to go there!" Fine, then I'll do it myself :) Joe found me dragging the 70 pound box out from the shed armed with my scissors. He gave a big sigh and then dove right in. Before I knew it, he was more excited about it than I was! And you can't imagine the thrill in Kate's voice when she saw it. "We have a POOL!!!!!!" She began inviting everyone over--even our 40 year old neighbor next door. She took him by the hand and had to show him our pool. She was so proud :) It was cute.
The pool is a little deep for Jake to get in and play by himself,
so he got one too!

The kids in their pools.
Cute tummy :)

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