Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ready to Get Dirty!

Thankfully after our litte lock-out experience, everything else went smoothly (except for traffic) and we made it up to the cabin. Matt & Belinda, Sam & Krista, Maryanne & Dave, Alisa and all of the kids were there to greet us! It was my first experience being at the cabin-- I was excited to finally be able to truly understand her rustic nature :)

The kids all put mattresses out on the porch and slept outside. I was a little worried if Kate would do ok-- but she insisted after snuggling with Lili and David, that she wanted to sleep with Aunt Alisa. She talked poor Alisa's ear off until almost 1AM. I think she was excited for this new experience with one of her favorite aunts! Thank you Alisa for putting up with the chatter! I'm not sure how you did it!

Cousins "cooking" out by the firepit

Tough Boys

Someday about sticking to your toy trucks for now! Thanks everyone, we had so much fun being up there with you!

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Alisa said...

It was well worth the questions like, "What is that sound?", "How many stars are there?", "Are there wolfes out there?". I loved the giggling, the singing me to sleep, and the best was after naming all the people at the cabin she emphatically exclaimed, "I want to live here FOREVER!!" LOVE YOU KATE