Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, Katie Pie!

I can't believe she's 4 years old. I love her so much. Just the other day when I was helping her get her arm out of her shirt, she looked up at me and said, "Thanks mom. You're the best mama I found." She's the best daughter imaginable...there is never a dull second in our family with this little girl's comments, dance moves and endless energy. When I asked Kate what she wanted for her birthday dinner, she replied instantly, "Paghetti!" She requested to have it at Gracie's house so we could swim, and she wanted a princess cake. Her wishes were granted :) Momo made Nana's special sauce and we had a delicious dinner. Thank you so much, Mom! You always know how to make everything taste, look and smell so good! The crew... yes that's my brother... I'd be happy to give you his number :) Jake loved dinner

The Princess Cake

The Princess :)

The princess celebrating that she's 4 years old!

Nice moves :)

Does anyone notice the little finger mark in the frosting? I wonder who that was???

Kate and BG

Dad loves you so much!

Jen and Matt surprised Kate with the most exciting present. They set up their projector outside and put blankets and chairs on their court and we got to watch a movie in the backyard! She was so pumped! Popcorn, fruit snacks, drinks...She picked "Bedtime Stories." She and Gracie had glow in the dark necklaces which were half the fun. The best part was when the movie was over, all of the kids were asleep--it was almost 11:30PM--the credits started to come up and all of the sudden I saw Kate's head pop up and she exclaimed, "What's the next movie we're going to watch!" The only one awake. It didn't surprise me. I think she had a good day.


Jill said...

yeah for all the posts! good job. I can't believe Kate is 4. it seems like yesterday when I was at your babyshower. great Hawaii pics. looks like you had a great time. you look gorgeous!

AmandaS said...

What a little sweetie-pie! 4 years old already . . . time flies way too fast!
Happy B-Day Kate!

Trisha said...

Love the sweet comment about being the best mama she found. SO CUTE!! I can't believe she's already four!

Linda said...

Love all your pictures and your GREAT blog!!! SO CUTE!!!

Sunny said...

Cute Kate! Sounds like she's a night owl too!