Sunday, September 6, 2009

Picking Berries on Berry Hill!

Berry picking always sounds like a good idea to me. So when my sister-in-law Maryanne suggested it one day, we took her up on it! We met up near Apple Hill above Sacramento, grabbed our buckets and went to work. Thankfully these were thorn-less boysenberry bushes, so the kids had a blast!

Pink cheeked and buckets full, we found a spot to show off the goods and have a picnic! Thankfully there was shade because it was one hot day!

Jake decided he was a fan of the berries!

Cousin Hugh and Kate switching glasses on me. They thought they were soooo funny! Now it was time to go home and have a little ice cream with fresh berries on top...make a little jam...we had plenty of berries to do as we pleased! Yum!

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