Sunday, September 6, 2009


Ohana means Family in Hawaiian. That's the first thing I think of when I think of the islands. We got to return to Kauai and Oahu with all of the Patterson clan in August. Oh the fun we had and the memories that were made.

I have over a thousand pictures of the trip... it's a little overwhelming to even go through them-it's disgusting actually, that we take so many photos--but they are so fun to look at! I'll put together a slide show of just some of them if you want to see more of our trip!

Our favorite beach on Oahu...Major's Beach

Favorite person on that favorite beach :)

Love my family with all of my heart!

The girls


Jake couldn't get enough of the beach... he'd bolt right for the water as soon as his feet touched the sand!

He couldn't get enough of the ice cream either :)

Jen and Chris... Sister and Brother...Best Friends

Love this one!

How can you not love the little guy?


Sunny said...

So Jealous! What a fun family trip. I actually go with Jonathan's entire side of the family to Maui at Thanksgiving, but none of them like the sun or to get wet. Why are we going?
I'd rather go with the Pattersons!

Jen said...

LOVE it.