Sunday, May 31, 2015

Moving Affects Us All in Strange Ways

It's so much fun, isn't it?!  It doesn't matter if you are moving next door, across states or across international borders.  There is always an endless list of things to do.  And when you think you've gone through every single drawer in your house, you still manage to find more stuff.  I am ready to become a minimalist.  I've already sold every single one of our beds and both sofas and most of our furniture!  I guess I'm off to a good start!  Now I just have to figure out what I am going to put all of our stuff into!!!  So, I've been a little nutty trying to declutter our lives.  Apparently it's taken its toll on the kids in other ways. 
Some change character...
Some declare war...

Others just collapse and decide that getting up is way overrated.

Moving day arrived.  Joe took the kids to school while I waited for the movers to get to the house, and then he went straight into the office to figure out a minor detail that had been overlooked by the company.  Our visas and RUT cards had expired, so when we were planning on returning from Peru at the end of June to pick up the rest of our suitcases and fly out to the USA, Chile would refuse to let us leave the country.  

Slight problem that added to a whopping amount of stress already on our plates.  Joe extended his time in Chile for another day and a half (yay!) because we were going to have to go through all sorts of bells and whistles to get this taken care of in a timely manner.  

And the process began.  Jake benefited from my cleaning out the kitchen cupboards and opened up our last can of root beer that I had been saving for a pizza night (you can only find it down here once in a blue moon).  
Boxes were now being turned into tables and chairs...

And things were being loaded up into the truck.  
This was really happening.  Wednesday, all day, we spent with the PDI of Chile to get our documents in order for the renewal of all of our paperwork.  It was a true miracle that it all worked out.  Joe was able to leave when he needed to.
Thankfully, we were able to fit in a late lunch in Bellavista at Uncle Fletch's and a walk around the Patio before we sadly said goodbye again to him and finished the rest of the week with the movers.

When the last boxes were packed and the trash was all thrown away, we gathered round to say goodbye to Sandra.  She started out helping us 2 days a week when we first moved to Chile and for the last 1 1/2 she has lived with us.  I never imagined I would let anyone stay in my home with me.  But circumstances are different in a different country, and sometimes you realize by adapting, it makes the process a little smoother.  We thought we were having a baby and I was on bed rest.  Joe was traveling a lot.  Sandra was looking for a new place to live.  And heaven knows that nothing gets done rapidly in Chile.  If a maestro comes to fix something at your house and you aren't there, it could be another 6 weeks before he returns again.  So, Sandra asked and we considered and then accepted the idea.  It truly has been a blessing in many ways.  

I won't lie, I feel a slight sense of relief thinking I can walk around in my underwear again.  But she has become part of our family and it was really strange thinking that this was it.  I will miss her for many, many reasons.  Thank you, Sandra, for all of your help, for your spanish lessons, for your patience and creativity with "projects," with the love you shared with our kids and for making our time in Chile a slightly easier one because we had you to guide and direct us when we needed it.  We will miss you dearly! 
And with that, the sun set, and we said goodbye to 1784 Felipe Cubillos Sigall #46, Lo Barnechea.

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