Tuesday, May 5, 2015

La Dehesa Primary Faith in God


We didn't have a Faith in God leader for the first 2 years we were in this ward.  We tried a number of different ideas and it just wasn't working.  We couldn't find someone who wanted to take it on.  It's tricky.  Down here, it's for boys and girls and it's half spanish speaking kids and half english speaking kids.  So, to try and find activities for all of these kids to do together, can be challenging at times.  Those are actually the "easy" problems.  Let's not even get into the specifics of our ward struggles.

We called Nicci Price to be the Faith in God leader and she said, "Ok!"  OK!!!!!  SHE SAID OK!!!!  I was beyond excited.  Nicci has put together the most incredible activities for these senior primary kids.  We never miss one of them because Kate LOVES going to them.  She has learned so much from these activities.  I just wish I could take Nicci home with us to continue this awesomeness!!!
This nights activity was making Mother's Day gifts with ice cream sundaes at the end.  Nicci had come dressed up like a secret service agent to our door (difficult to get to doors here in Chile because every house has a big gate, guard or fence) and asked for Kate.  When Kate came to the door, she was handed an envelope and told to read it, fill it out, and be at the meeting place at a certain time and place..
She was ecstatic.  When the kids arrived, Nicci gave them a lesson on service and then they went right into making body scrubs for their moms.  At the end, they had ice cream sundaes and each kid had to read the question next to the topping, to see if they could use that topping.  For example, "If you smiled and said hi to someone today at school that looked like they needed it, take 2 scoops!"

So grateful for her.  These kids LOVE it.  

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