Friday, May 22, 2015

Moments in May

In addition to getting ready for our upcoming move, we still have some other excitement!

Boys + Chuck E Cheese + Tokens + Matthew Prices' Birthday + Pizza + Soda = 
An awesome afternoon!

Luke's latest masterpiece.  He calls it:  "Mom."
Definitely fridge worthy.

2 days before Mothers Day, the guard called on the phone and said someone was coming up to our house.  Half the time he speaks so fast and jumbled I can't tell who it is anyway, so I always just tell him "Si, por favor" to let the person in.  I figured it was another person coming to pick up something that I had sold.  When I opened the door, there was this cute little woman holding a HUGE bouquet of flowers for me.  Joe sending his love because he couldn't be with me in person.  My heart just swelled and my step a little lighter because somehow he figured out a way to have flowers sent to me even though he was thousands of miles away.  Thanks, Love!  You don't know how much I needed this and how much it meant to me.  
Sometimes I am REALLY impatient at bedtime. I know how early we have to get up and I know what I have to deal with if people don't get the sleep their bodies need!   I always seem to start off sweet and decent, but then the loves and snuggles turn into frustrated and short ‪"goodnights‬" because people are stalling... Etc... Tonight was NOT one of those nights. This one wanted some girl time to talk. The lights were off and she was all tucked in bed and then she told me all about the excitement of 4th grade happenings today. Then she said, "You know, mom, because you are like my BFF, wouldn't it be fun to have a slumber party together?" Oh I tried to supress my laughter at the BFF  valley girl statement,  but my heart soared for this daughter of mine. I'm so blessed.  Slumber party here we come!

Has anyone seen Luke?!  Favorite hiding spot. 

Luke and I were in the library checking out books when I looked up and actually read the sign right in front of me.  Then I noticed, Jake's book review was right next to it!  How cute is that?!!!

With most of our toys either sold, donated, or packed away, the kids have done any amazing job using their creative juices (when they aren't sitting in front of the TV--because it seems like they do a lot of that right now while I'm trying to organize all of our different moving piles.)  I came around the corner to find these two outside on homemade recliners, shooting the breeze, eating Smarties.  I think they had filled that little pink bucket up and initially were going to start up a candy store of some sort and then ended up like this.  I ADORE these moments.  
While the boys were outside conversing, Kate decided she would help me go through my bathroom stuff and organize it.  She got everything out and started the job, only to be distracted by something like homework, if you can believe it, and left this lovely mess all over the floor.  Good intentions.  Really good intentions.  Just one more thing I needed to clean up.  I really detest moving.  No bathroom products are allowed on the air or the boat shipments.  So I needed to go through it all and decide truly what I needed to keep and what I should chuck.  Because whatever I wanted to keep would be coming home with us on the airplane.  
Meanwhile, Joe made it home and was hanging out with the fam.  We were all slightly jealous.

Luke and friends and Goldfish.  How adorable is this?!!  Yes, he is in his jammies, hidden by a big coat.  He wanted to stay cozy today and requested to not change.  I was good with that.  I know how it feels.  
I came out of the kitchen to tell the kids dinner was ready, and found this.  Jake was at his floor art again.  This time, making Joe out of different materials.  He is one creative genius who really adores his dad. 
Jake and Dad.  
Joe, know that you are REALLLY missed.  This whole 2 month thing is tough.
Luke and his hot wheels!!!!  He rides his bike EVERY SINGLE DAY.  And his favorite part is cruising down the hill in our condo, going as fast as he can as he maneuvers his way around the blockades.  He screams with glee the entire way down.  Going so fast that feet have to be off of the pedals.  I love his face as he tears passed me!  

Gringa night out!  Except that it wasn't our normal night out.  It was a little farewell party for me.  Are we really leaving?!!!  SO very sweet.  How I will miss these women when I'm gone.  It doesn't seem real to me at all.  At least not yet.  Thank you, ladies for your constant support and friendship.  Chile would have been quite a bit lonelier without you.  

And so, I sit and organize all of the house keys because I don't have anything else to do!  hahaha!  Yes, Chileans like keys.  There is one for every single door inside and outside of the house.  And then copies of those keys.  Let it be known that the gardener has had to wait about 15 minutes at times while I search for the right key to open up the side gate.  It's a miracle we didn't lose one.  I won't miss all of these keys.  That's for sure!!!

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