Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Living it up in the Boulevard Suites

We moved into the 29th floor at the Boulevard Suites for our last couple of weeks in Chile.  
Complete with breakfast served every morning in your suite, a heated pool, a gym and even laundry service included!  THANK YOU ROCHE.  I think we might really enjoy these last few weeks when all is said and done!!!
Because when I saw the bill for one loads worth, I about fell over!!!  $120!!!!  Glad I'm not paying for it. I just sold my washing machine the day before for the exact same price.  Wish I could have just brought it up here with me!!!

We are finding plenty of ways to keep ourselves busy :)
Mostly by being in the car more, because it's a bit of a drive to get to everything we are used to, but the benefits way out weigh drawbacks.

 One afternoon I was trying to help Kate and Jake with their homework and big end of the year projects.  Luke was whining like no other and I just couldn't take it.  I told him he could whine all he liked, but we didn't want to hear it.  So we staying in the other room and he was left on the floor to cry it out.  As Jake read to me, I noticed things started getting quiet!  Oh good.  He's calming down, was my thought.  He probably found the stickers on the table to busy himself.  We came out of the room and I found him like this.  All snuggled up on the couch fast asleep.  It was 6:30pm.  THE WORST.  He hadn't eaten dinner and he was supposed to go to bed in and hour and a half.  I can't blame him.  I find myself dozing in that exact spot many a days.   He slept all through dinner, and even through plenty of noise while we were getting everyone else ready for bed.  I decided I'd let him sleep it out.  After all, he had been getting up way earlier than he was used to, and was having much longer, busier days these last few weeks.  Maybe he would sleep through the night!!!  I got everyone tucked in bed and finally sat down to enjoy a little me time, when a little head came around the corner at 10:00pm.  "Mooooommmmmmmm...... I'm hungeeeeeeee."  
And so our night began.  I tried everything.  He didn't close his eyes again until 1AM.  
Good thing he's cute.

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