Sunday, June 7, 2015

Did You Say Heated Pool?!!!

It's perfect really.  We have access to a heated pool in the middle of winter.  There's no better way to say goodbye to friends who are staying and friends who are leaving, than to have them over for a little fun.  
And so we have done it all week long.
Homework doesn't matter at this point, right?
Javi and Kate...
 and their sidekick. 

 Kate and Eli

Lucas, Liam, Jake and Matthew

 Martina and Kate

 No matter who comes up, everyone likes to take in the view.
 Andy, Eduardo, and my boys

 These kids are cracking me up!  

 Perfecting their synchronized flips

Martina is off to Mexico and we are off to California.  Closer than they realize :)

 4A Friends
Isa, Kate, Cecila, Paula and sidekick

 I even managed going out to dinner with these four and Jake and Luke all on my own on a crazy Saturday night at Parque Arauco.  

 I realized while we were sitting at dinner that I might be slightly crazy to take on such a task.  

It's been a LOT of fun.  
Sometimes you just have to go for it ;)

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