Monday, June 8, 2015

Jammie Party

How long can the party last?!  

Kate and Jake were invited over to Javi and Dani's home for a late over on Friday night.  All of Kate's good friends from church were there and Jake got to have a blast with his buddy Dani.  Jammies were  put on, pizza was ordered, movies were watched, and thoughtful gifts and sweet notes were given to Kate and Jake!!!

Seriously overwhelmed with all of these dear friends and the love that is going around.

(Kate, Eli, Sawyer, Celeste, Javi)

 Kate has so many little keepsakes to remember her friends, she shows them to me over and over and over again.  She sits there and just smiles and I know she is one happy girl who is sad to leave her life here but happy to be back in California.  Hmmmm....sounds just like someone I know. 

 Dani and Jake had a BLAST together.  Jake has his Incredible Hulk that Dani made for him by his bed so he can see it every night.  Man, we have been blessed with good friends.  

 How fun is this?!
Thank you SO MUCH, Tati, for organizing this and making the kids feel so special.
They had the best time and will never forget that their friends did this for them.

 And while the older two were partying at the Leon's home, Luke asked me out on a date.  
We hit one of our favorites... Green Pizza... for the last time.  The two of us ate a bunch and laughed a bunch and then headed back to the hotel.  He fell asleep before his head hit the pillow.  It had been a busy week!!!

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