Saturday, February 8, 2014

When the Polls Open, Everything Closes!

We welcomed another election Sunday here in Chile during the middle of December.  The night before, our family decided to hit the mall, split up, and go Christmas shopping for one another.  Dad would take the boys shopping for Kate and Mom, and the girls would do the same.  Then we'd swap.  We'd try our best to NEVER run into each other and sometimes found ourselves hitting the floor in the toy aisle, so we wouldn't be discovered.   We figured we'd hit the grocery store and then grab something to eat when it was all said and done.  Around 7pm, we began noticing that stores were locking their doors.  "Hmmmm, that's odd on a Saturday night in South America, where it's commonplace to make a dinner reservation for 10 or 11pm."  We casually made our way back to the car to put away all of the bags when we realized that the restaurant we were going to was closed as well.  "What was going on?!!!"

Then it hit us.  Elections were the following day.  EVERYTHING shuts down early the night before and the day of, to ensure that EVERYONE can get to the polls and vote.  So, we started our drive home and I was thinking that I really didn't feel like cooking--especially now that it was already late and everyone was exhausted and hungry.  

 Then we saw it.  
The GREEN PIZZA sign was lit and a warm glow emitted from its windows.  Our saving grace!!!
The kids chose a spot front and center in the tiny place so they could watch the pizzas being made and be a part of the action.  
It was a total hit.  THANK YOU Green Pizza for saving us on the eve of Election day.  I don't know how you got around the law, but I am forever grateful :)

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Tammy Schick said...

Green Pizza is one of our FAVORITE places in Chile! The owner even speaks english - so I could order myself! Delish!