Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rapa Nui Day 2: Can you Believe we are still going?!!!

To finish off Day 2 (thank goodness the boys slept on the bus!!!), we decided to go to the Tera'ai luau for dinner.  As soon as we got there, they welcomed us and then painted each one of our faces!
 The kids were LOVING it, and had so much fun looking around at everyone else with paint all over their faces too :)  
 We listened to music and heard the history and legends of the island and its people...

 We got a chance to see our food being removed from the pit in the ground 
 and even got the chance to practice some local dance moves.
 After we ate a family style dinner with people from Belgium and India at our table, we went in for the real show.  It was LOUD and the dances were fast.  Nothing like the slow, beautiful hulas from Hawaii.  A little Haka and then some.  It was a lot of fun.  Jake wanted his picture taken with one of the ladies.  We were pushing midnight at this point.  Everyone was pretty tired.
What a great day!  We really packed it in. 

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