Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rapa Nui Day 2: Ana Kai Tangata

Next we were off to check out the ceremonial cave of Ana Kat Tangata.
 The cave was formed by gas bubbles in the lava
 In the cave are ancient paintings of red and white birds--Oh look, there are even stray dogs in a cave, on an island, in the middle of the Pacific!  I guess they really are a part of Chile :)  
 A special ceremony took place here after the Bird man celebrations...7 year old girls and boys who had been secluded for a year in 2 caves were brought here for a rite of passage ceremony.
Wonder how Kate would have done?  Ahhhh that sounds HORRIBLE for her and me!  
So glad we came to this Earth when we did.   

 We saw some people swimming down below in the inlet...a little cold for my liking!
 Then it was time for lunch.  We headed back to the main part of town and found a delicious restaurant called Haka Honu.  LOVED their fresh fruit smoothies and the food was fantastic.  
 We recharged for a bit and walked around the port
 and then continued on our journey!

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