Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Jake's Kindergarten Concert

I couldn't wait to see Jake on stage at his end of the semester music concert.  I have been the Music Leader or in Primary all of Jake's life...and I have never seen him really sing!  I know he knows the songs because he hears me singing them throughout the day while I practice them myself.  Those lips never move. He simply watches and listens and gets excited about the games that we play while we learn the songs.  So, I was curious and excited about today.   
 He was pumped when we finally made eye contact :) His class sang all sorts of songs from hand-knee-slap kinds to holiday ones.  I just melted when I finally saw that little mouth start to move.  He'd belt out the parts he knew and then just check things out or pick his nose when he was tired of the whole scene.  Literally gives me sunshine in my soul.  You rock, Jake!
Check out his face after the concert, when he was having a moment with his buddy Isla.  
 Could it be that he already has some flirting instincts and he's not even fully aware of it?!
 Oh my.  Watch out. 
 After the concert, the parents were invited back to the classroom, so the students could show us all of the projects they had been working on. 
Someone was feeling pretty darn good.  Here he is with his amigo AJ.
 Here's the ornament he made that went immediately into our Christmas Forest at home. 
Celebrating after a morning of success!!
 I think someone else is ready to join Jake in his classroom :)  
Luke couldn't get enough of all of the letters and numbers... 
but was that really a surprise to anyone?!  
Way to go, Jake!  Dad and I are so proud of you! 

And some clips from the concert:

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