Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rapa Nui Day 2: Ahu Akivi & the Puna Pau Quarry

 And they are still out...

 So, we left them to rest and we got out and finally saw our first string of moai :)  
 According to legend, the seven moai represent the 7 explorers sent by King Hotu Matu'a to explore the island before colonization. 
We just couldn't get over how BIG they were!

 A little treat afterwards... those amazing mini pineapples. 
  I could have eaten 20 more...

Our very last stop of for the day was the Quarry where all of the moai were carved.
 The moai represented important ancestors in every lineage.  They were at least 20 feet high and modeled a male's head and torso with a 10 ton 'topknot' of redstone for a hat.  The red stone was found at a completely different quarry than that of the body.  The eyes were inserted after the moai were mounted.  They were white coral eyes wide open with red scoria pupils. 
 And the mystery?  The quarries were so far from where the moai would be placed...  
How the heck did they get them there?!

Overlooking the valley from the quarry

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Tammy Schick said...

I love that Jake is sleeping with his little mini Moai! So sweet :)