Friday, June 22, 2012

We Can Really Pack It In!!!

Saturday morning came EARLY!!!!  We were all exhausted and Kate did not want to get up.  I knew she'd be fine once we got to theswim meet, but it was getting there that was causing us issues!  We partied a touch too hard the night before, possibly??  It's ok.  It was worth it ;)

 Kate and Shelby resuming their spots from last year under our tent to play
 A few good friends joined in :) 
 Tyler treats Jake like the little brother he's always wanted.  He brings toys for him to play with and makes sure his friends don't touch them.  It's so cute.  No, Jake is not swimming on the team-- it was 100 degrees out and he wanted his shirt off like the big kids. 
 YAHOO!  Kate's freestyle relay team took 1st place!  All of her times have improved soo much
 this year!  Kate really wanted a 1st place and got it on their very last race.  Way to go!

We came home from the meet, fed Delilah and said our last goodbyes.  It was time to take her home.

Surprisingly, the kids were pretty good about it.  Probably because they know we can always rent her again. 

After we dropped Delilah off, we went over to San Francisco, where Joe's work was having a big family day at the Giant's Stadium.  Bruno Mars ended up coming and there were huge slides for the kids to go down and endless cotton candy and all types of food at every concession stand...and the best part was that it was all free!  So fun!  We raced around and saw and did what we could and then ran back to the car and headed home because Joe and I had a wedding to be at that night.  It reminded us of our own wedding and we danced until the bride and groom said their goodbyes.  I can't remember the last time Joe and I danced outside of our house!  It was a blast.  CRAZY, BUSY, FUN DAY! 

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Sue said...

Those kids of yours are getting cuter all the time!