Monday, June 11, 2012

Kids Pix 2012

Let's see, I didn't make it into get Luke's pictures at one.  In fact, I think I've only brought him in one other time for "professional" pictures.  My poor third child.  I told myself I'd never do that!  Haha!  I'm still blaming our winter for that one.  So, I took the kids in on Friday.  It's getting close to Father's Day, and I knew Joe would want an updated picture tie of the kiddos (shhh, he doesn't know).  He has two and loves them, but Luke hasn't made his debut on them yet.  So, here we go:  Luke's 1 year picture (18 month), Jake's 4 year picture, and Kate's 7 year picture (she doesn't turn 7 until August, but who knows if we'll get in then!):  

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Amber King said...

Seriously, your kids are adorable.