Monday, June 11, 2012

Far Away Friends

We were so excited when we walked into church on Sunday and sat right in front of our good friends, Ann and Jeff Merrill, who moved to Oahu last summer.  Kate had just been asking when we were going to see them again, and here they were, visiting their family and our good friends, Carol and Justin Wilcock.  Catching up at church didn't give us our fill, so they came over last night for dessert and a little more catching up.  
 Nate, Jake, Kate, Delilah and Ben
 Sam (Luke's buddy)
 Claire and Woody
Carol, Me and Ann

I'm so glad we had a chance to get together last night!  Joe, Justin and Jeff played with the kiddos outside so the girls could catch up (You guys are the best).  It was so fun!  Thanks for taking the time to come over.  We LOVED it. 

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