Monday, June 4, 2012

We Are Growing!

Our Duke MBA group that is.  We had a huge treat on Saturday morning.  We found out that our friends, Tyler and Rachael Rushton from Duke, were down in Merced visiting their parents, so we and the Metheny's met them out there to spend some time together.  And especially to have our kids see and meet one another! 
It seems that every time we meet there is another cute little person to add to our bunch.
 The kids LOVED the tire swing in the yard

 Rachael, Me, Jeri
Ryan, Tyler, Joe

Luke feeling like one of the big kids

We had a WONDERFUL time.  We caught up on kids, jobs, church, and those funny moments that keep us going! We love our Duke friends so much.  They are like family to us and we pick up right where we left off every time we get together.  So special.

We raced off to Kate's dress rehearsal for ballet in Livermore, and then continued on to Jen and Matt's home to celebrate Matt and Kalei's birthdays.  No pictures, but we had a blast.  Happy birthday, you two!  So glad you are a part of our family.  From there, we headed over to help a friend move some furniture.  10:45pm, we rolled into our driveway.  Tired but happy.

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Tyler and Rachael said...

It was absolutely wonderful, perfect in every possible way to see, visit, and play with you!!! Here's to next time!!