Friday, June 22, 2012

June 11, 2012

I haven't had a second to sit down and record anything that's happened these last two weeks because we've been too busy!  All good stuff, but CRAZY!!! We have literally been going going going.  I guess, almost all good.  The day after we got to see our friends the Merrills, I took Kate and Jake in to see the dentist (AKA Uncle Matt).  I had cleaned their teeth the week before and found a cavity in Jake (What!!!!! I know.  I just pray one of my kids takes after Joe's teeth and not mine).  Kate had a little soft spot on her incoming molar and I wanted Matt to strengthen it so it wouldn't turn into a cavity.  She was freaking out about it, saying how she didn't want to cry in front of her Uncle...etc... Meanwhile, I went ahead and told Jake to hop in the chair.  He would go first.  He sat there with a big grin, opened his mouth and did everything Matt said, just perfectly.  No anesthesia.  YOU ROCK, JAKE.  Thanks for being a good example for your sister. 
When she saw how easy it was for him, she sat down and did the exact same thing.  Love it. 

Our friend, Ryan Metheny, came over for dinner (whenever he's in town for business) that night and I fed everyone and then rushed off to a homeschool meeting.  When I came home, the dishes were done, the house was clean, the kids were bathed and Jake and Luke were asleep and Joe was tucking Kate in.  I told Ryan he needed to come over more often and I need to leave more often :) 
Joe came out laughing from Kate's room and said, "You'll never believe what just happened."  Kate was asking Joe something and he told her she needed to go to bed.  She looked at him and got all teary eyed and said, "But Dad!  I have 150 questions and I want to know the answers!"  So he gave her a piece of paper and told her to write the questions down and we'd answer them one by one.
She came out later with the beginning of her list.  Here were a few:

1.  How is outer space made?
2.  How is the moon made?
3.  How does a drain work?
4.  Why do you get boogers?
5.  What are all of the sicknesses?
6.  How is an egg made?
7.  How tall is Heavenly Father?
8.  Why does your heart beat?
9.  How is a house made?
10.  How do your muscles move? (went over that this year in school...maybe need to review ;)
11. Who is Heavenly Father's father and what did He rule?

I guess we have to hit the books a little harder because it's going to take us a while to answer some of these!

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