Saturday, November 29, 2014

Kauai 2014--Zip Zip Zip!

Zip-lining in one of the most lush environments in the world?  Sure.  OK :)

Brik and Jake just barely squeezed by when it came to being old enough to do a little zipping.
These girls did it last year... so they were pros.
Momo was the sweetest and decided to have a play date with Luke so Joe and I could both be with Kate and Jake for the experience... and Jen and BG and Matt and Brett, Be, Gracie and Brik :) 
We rode up to the starting point on a big yellow "banana bus" they used in filming the latest Jurassic Park movie.  The kids were feeling pretty, darn, special.  
And Jake's first Kauai ride alone.  This was the shortest one, so they said he could go solo if he wanted to.  Otherwise he would be tied to me on the rest of them because they were such long rides!  It was so much fun!!!

Albatros...Orangutan...whatever you'd like to call it... that's me and my wing span.
Sometimes I forget how small 6 years old really is until I see Jake in a picture like this.  And then I think... he is still just a little boy!  In my mind he's older than he really is.  I'm not wishing time to speed up at all, I just am grateful for moments like these to stop and remember and reevaluate my expectations when it comes to certain things with him!  Because before I know it, he'll be huge like that handsome kid sitting next to him ;)  

Waiting for our turn

It wasn't just all day in the tree tops.  They made us hike a bit too!  Didn't mind a bit with all of the scenery.

The girls LOVED being tied together.... until they got stuck on the last ride because they didn't weigh quite enough.  The guide had to monkey climb out on the line to rescue them :)

Joe definitely won in our group for coming in at top speed.  We were worried at times that the guides wouldn't be able to stop him!!!!

Love my girl


What an awesome day.  Minus a couple of Jake's wire-burned fingers, it was PERFECT.  (But he was a stud.  We bandaged him up and he kept going on the rest of the runs instead of giving up completely  and quitting half way through.)  Love my family.  So. Very. Much.

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