Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Few Randoms Thrown into the Bunch

 Dining at it's finest-- Chicken in a Barrel-- we hit it at least once every year
 Love Love Love this place
 Just Cute.  Love seeing them together.
 The girls

 My boys.  This killed me.  I walked into the hotel room and found Jake and Luke "helping" Joe get his morning routine finished up.  

 Kate and Gracie LOVED their silly straw glasses from Jen.  Made every dinner out a memorable one ;)
 Spent plenty of time here wandering the aisles, sighing heavily, and packing as much into our cart as possible as we lamented on how much we miss Costco :)

 Some of us like to shop and some of us like to squeeze into small spaces and wait it out ;)

 Church-- always more fun together!

 Making friends wherever we go

 And eating these whenever we can :)  Hot malasadas are like nothing else.  Such a cute mom.  

The beach babe is worn out

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Kimberly said...

Super fun! The picture of Jake holding the lizard looks exactly like Chris!