Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kauai 2014 -- Hanakapi'ai Falls

 It has been YEARS since I've hiked up to Hanakapi'ai Falls.  And one thing I've realized about myself is that I'm a total optimist.  I tend to forget or block out the tough stuff.  So, when Dad mentioned he wanted to do it again, all I could remember about the hike was that I loved it; there was an amazing waterfall and lagoon as a reward at the top; plenty of guavas waiting to be squashed on the ground; and that I was the only one who brought water last time and we ran out pretty fast.  
 I did remember enough to know that Luke wouldn't be able to make it at a decent pace, so we decided that Kate and I would go on this one (Jake, unfortunately, caught a major cold as soon as we arrived to the island, and was pretty miserable) and Joe would stay with the boys.  
So, we got up before the sun and packed PLENTY of water this time.  BG, Hansens, Kate and me.  

 We were ready for an amazing hike along one of the most beautiful, scenic, coastlines in the world. 

 Don't worry kids... we wouldn't take you anywhere unsafe!!!  
Little tidbits of the hike were starting to come back to me as I walked passed these signs!

 Love her so much.  She has earned her elite status when it comes to hiking in the Berryhill house.  One amazing girl.  She just goes and goes and goes.  I think I have a hiking partner for life!

 Felt like we had gone A LOT longer that that!
 Na Pali Coast line is one of my favorite places in the world.  I never tire of this view.

 This makes me so very happy

 Jimmy Boyscout himself

 We made it down to the river and then started our ascent up the mountain to the waterfall.
This was where my selective memory came into play.  

 Much more climbing and much longer than I remembered...

 But so worth it once you saw the prize.

 It was a tad chilly :)

What a fantastically challenging hike!  I was so proud of the kids!  They rocked it!  Brik stayed at the front of our group the entire way.  He shocked us all!  
 Now it was time to turn around and hike back :) 
 Slight mishap after helping the kids across the rocks on our way back home.  I gracefully hopped onto a slick rock and went down before I even knew what happened.  Found out later that day after a trip to the hospital that my wrist was badly sprained.  THANKFULLY not broken.  Bummer.  Was so mad at myself.  

 Hang on!!  We are almost there!  A lot more uphill than I remembered going home.

Time to go hop in the ocean and cool off!

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