Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to Reality

I'm happy to report that when 2 adults are traveling with 3 children, the world is a happy place :)  Luke slept almost the entire time on both flights.  WAHOOOOOOO!!!!  Apparently Santiago missed us and wanted to do something special for our arrival.  She greeting us with snow!  The Andes are covered in snow almost all winter long, but down on the ground?  Almost never.   A stark contrast to the summer heat we were enjoying only 15 hours early.  
We had a week to do nothing.  And we did a wonderful job of it!  I think I went to the grocery store and that was about it.  We unpacked right away and then recovered from our month-o-fun.  

Before we knew it, 6:15AM on Monday, July 29th came and it was the first day of school.  Kate's first day in 3rd grade and Jake's first day of kindergarten.  I tried to cover up my aching heart with a warm breakfast and lots of high fives--We needed to get Jake prepped for his first 7:30-2:30 day at school!!!  He didn't appear to need it:

 He is pumped.  
 We couldn't go outside for pictures because it was still completely DARK... not to mention FREEZING!
 So is she.
 Luke was ticked.  He wasn't used to waking up so early.   
 On our way into the school.  The sidewalk lamps are still on!  Hard to start school in the middle of winter!! Jake was on a new adventure high and Kate was the voice of reason.  "Now you know, Jake, you are going to have to wake up this early EVERY SINGLE MORNING."  Thank you, big sister.  Let's just enjoy the positive-ness for a moment.
 Kate found out that morning that her teacher would be Ms. Vicky.  She also noticed that none of her close friends were in her class.  Time to make some new ones!!!  We helped her pick her new desk out and gave her a squeeze and she jumped into third grade.  We are soo excited she has Miss Vicky!  
It's going to be a great year.
 Jake went running into his classroom (he had a chance to meet his teacher on Friday and get to know his classroom) because he wanted to show his dad EVERYTHING... the reading corner... the blocks corner...

the make believe, play corner...
oh ya!  And his really nice teacher, Miss Laura!
 We gave big hugs and said goodbye and Jake took off to build something incredible.  I don't think he even noticed we left.  Sigh.  Heart strings pulled.  I know that's a wonderful thing and it made me literally tickle inside when I'd watch him explain everything to Joe...He just bursts with life when he's excited about something.  He was practically high fiving the other kids as he introduced himself.   He was finally feeling like one of the big kids and he was loving it. 

We walked down the hallway with smiles on our faces.  Out in the parking lot, Joe climbed into his car and went to work.  Luke and I climbed into ours and headed home.  Half way there, he said, "Where's Jakers?  Where's Kate?"  I sniffled.  "School."  
"Oh YES.  School," came the cutest little voice ever.  

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Sue said...

Such a cute post.

It must seem so odd to get "home" and find snow. Talk about a culture AND weather shock!!