Sunday, August 11, 2013

What Should We Do?!!!

After Luke and I returned home from dropping the kids off from their first day of school, we both looked at each other and wondered how we were going to spend our alone time!  It has been soooooo long since I've just had one babe at home for a good chunk of the day!  It was chillly in Chile, but the sun was shining and the sky was blue--not the icky smog-grey hue that is oh so common.  
So we took advantage and went for a walk.   
Our view of the Andes as we leave our condominio

I promised Luke a little play time

We had so much fun together, it's become a daily routine :)  And the best part?  When we went to pick the kiddos up from their first day...  Kate was smiling and so was our big kindergartener!!!  He wanted to pose for a picture with his Nido hat to make sure we all knew he was official.  

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