Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Let's Zumba!!!!

After the girls made their guesses at the candy jar, they donned their dance apparel and went downstairs to the dance floor.  They were greeted by Raquel, their Zumba instructor for the day.  They were PUMPED.  She was SO CUTE with the girls.  They were loving it!

 The birthday girl was loving the special attention too!
 THANK YOU Raquel, for doing such a fantastic job with the girls.  They loved you!!!

After 45 minutes of dancing, they were wiped out and ready to eat.  We went outside for a pizza picnic and then got ready for some games.  We blared the music and did a little musical chairs...

Mummy Wrapping...

Balloon Racing and a little celebrating at the end.  Even Luke and Sandra were having a ball :)

 I had only planned 3 games, figuring that they would get tired of them, but when we finished, the girls were yelling, "What else are we going to play?!!"   
So it was time for cupcakes :)
After everyone had their fill, we opened presents and then headed back downstairs.  Raquel had taken video of the girls learning their dance moves and then loaded it up on my computer right away.  It was perfect!  They couldn't wait to see themselves on the big screen. Surprisingly, the 3 hours flew by and even Joe and I had a great time!  Kate has found some pretty great friends in Chile.

And apparently her wish came true:  

She got an ipod for practicing her own moves :)

Happy Birthday, Kate!  We love you more than you'll ever know!  It's great to be 8, isn't it?!!!

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Tammy Schick said...

I'm so glad you have such an adorable little girl to do so many super-fun girly things with! She is absolutely perfect! Happy Birthday Kate! (Great job mommy! That party was rockin'!)