Sunday, August 18, 2013

The First Week

Jake seemed to be happy at school, but I had the usual worries a mother has for her child.  At the end of the first week, his teacher sent out the first newsletter of the year.  Informing all of the parents of what the kids were working on, important info we needed to be aware of, and a few pictures!  As I read the letter, I thought, "Oh how nice!  I wonder if Jake will be in any of the pictures!"  I scrolled down to start reading, and  the picture that "headed" the letter was this one:
 The class.  Does anyone look like they are enjoying themselves?  Oh wait!  The one in the middle!  That'd be mine.  Do you think he's destined to bring a little energy to the class?  I was in hysterics :)  Here are a few others.  So thrilled that Miss Laura takes so many pictures!

I don't think I have to worry :)  Love love love Jake.

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