Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Date Night

Kate made a request of Joe that he come home early last Thursday night.  She had a little something planned.  Little did he know that she had stayed up all night reading the "Friend" magazine, picking out the best recipes for kids, to try.  We spent all day trying homemade frozen yogurt, homemade pretzels, chocolate covered bananas, mini pizzas, and because we didn't have all of the ingredients for "taco in a bowl," we made a slight variation.  You should have seen the kitchen!!  Kate had specific instructions that the kids would eat first, then take baths.  Luke would go to bed and Kate and Jake would put on something nice.  We were told to do the same.  Once everyone was looking classy, we were invited into the dining room for a date night.
 Complete with menus, name tags, decorations, and classical music. 

Best service we've ever had at a restaurant.  5 stars hands down.  
Thank you, Kate and Jake for a WONDERFUL evening.  Dad and I loved it! 
 I didn't even mind cleaning up afterwards...Well, not really :)

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Tammy said...

What amazing kids!