Monday, February 25, 2013


We got to our hotel around 1am after a midnight snack at Lomito's.  Yummy burgers and even chocolate milkshakes!  We were beyond tired, but extremely grateful that we had a means of transportation!  We woke up the next day and put all of our luggage back in the car and headed over to the local HyperLider to stock up on food and supplies before making the drive into Torres Del Paine National Park.  The day was perfect.  The sky was blue.  The clouds-something out of a fantasy.  We were off.
Our first stop to gas up and have lunch was about 2 hours away in Puerto Natales.  
Beautiful views from the little, sleepy town... We couldn't wait to get into the park!
We ate at a delicious pizza place called "Mesita Grande" that came recommended.  It was worth the stop! Yes, and the kids did leave their mark on the chalkboard :)  When we went back on our return trip, they were thrilled that their names were still there.

We drove out of town and headed to see Cueva del Milodon on our way to the park.
The cave was discovered in 1895 by Hermann Eberhard, German explorer of Patagonia. He found a large, seemingly fresh piece of skin of an unidentified animal.  Later it was recognized that the skin belonged to a Mylodon - an extinct animal which died 10,000 years ago.
Jake stood up right after this shot and impaled his forehead with one of the Mylodon's spiky furs.  Good times.  

Despite his poor forehead, he loved the cool cave and the echoes our voices made.

The exploring had begun in this magical land.  

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