Thursday, February 7, 2013


I have to say, having two summers this year is quite wonderful!!   I bought a few things for the kids at  MallSport, for an upcoming trip, and realized I didn't need them.  They were way overpriced anyway, so I decided to take them back.  When the kids and I walked into the store, I explained that we didn't need these 3 items and I'd like to return them.  "Para cambiar?" (To exchange?) The lady behind the counter said to me.  "No, para devolver, por favor." (No, to return, please) I said with a smile.  Never could I have imagined that returning something to a store would be such a task!  The manager and his manager both had to be called in.  They stared at my receipt for a few minutes and then had to go consult someone else!  This was ridiculous!  Remind me not to buy anything down here unless I know for certain it will get used or eaten!!  I finally hear the guy mutter in Spanish, "Well, she did buy a lot of other things."  As if that matters!!!  Apparently it does.  I filled out a big form and then they gave me cash back.  I guess you can't put credit back on your card.  Lesson learned.  At least I didn't have to make a stop at the bank for some cash!
We celebrated my success by treating the kids to a GoKart ride in the middle of the mall.  It's the coolest place!  Every store is devoted to some type of sport and there's a huge rock climbing wall, this GoKart track, and a ropes course way above everyone's heads!  Then you go outside and they have one of those surfing wave places... anyway, the kids were pumped....or so I thought.  As soon as I payed, suddenly Kate didn't want to do it.  Jake on the other hand took off-- I think he was supposed to be in the middle with the little kids, but he looks so big down here, that the guy just let him go.  He was loving life!!!  I made Kate do one loop.  It was still a no go and the guy trying to comfort her in Spanish, didn't really do the trick.  Still don't know why she suddenly turned weepy on me, but we sat and watched Jake go round and round with the biggest grin on his face and 
sweat streaming down his neck.  

 After a trip to the doctor for some vaccinations and a little swimming, 
we ended the day the way we love best.  
I love that Luke did this for Kate, but only made it through two pages with me.  I love summer. 
 I love having a successful Spanish-speaking day.  I love my family.


Carrie said...

Felicitations, que buen dia!

Emily said...

Look at you, speaking speaking spanish like a pro! Congrats on a successful day!