Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wilderness Wimps??

Call it what you will.Joe and I LOVE the outdoors. Getting outside and doing a little exploring is one of our favorite things. We are this way because we were both brought up doing it. So, comments from the peanut gallery complaining that legs are tired and "where's the snacks?" were a bit annoying. "Are we raising wimps??!!" We asked to each other, horrified!!!!!!!!!!

(and then I began wondering...was I like that???)
We were so adventurous with numero uno. With numero dos, things slowed down a bit, and when numero tres came along, life outside of our normal routine almost came to a halt.
(Is that why this darn baby weight hasn't disappeared???)

So, a new resolution for our family: get out on some trail and do some exploring at least one weekend a month.

In October we went about 15 minutes from our house to a trail over in Livermore and we hiked 4 miles. Kate made it the entire way and Jake got a piggy back ride briefly. Luke enjoyed luxury the entire trip. We were cruising at a speedy 45 minutes per mile but the kids loved looking for birds, acorns, and running after butterflies. Joe and I have high hopes that our speed will increase.

For now though, we were thrilled that we didn't hear, "My legs are tired," until the last mile; and we got some fresh air in our lungs :)

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Sue said...

Don't tell, but I'm a bit of a wilderness wimp myself. Having said that, I'm a lot better than I used to be...and my kids are anything but.

Good thing I married Dave, eh?