Thursday, November 3, 2011


"I'm coming home on the late bus." I read the text and thought, "Alright...maybe something really EASY for dinner." As I started opening up cabinets and peering into shelves, I heard bursts of excitement, papers shuffling, drawers slamming and the the sliding screen door being left open...they were up to something but I didn't have the energy to stop it. I continued cooking. I found Jake trying on one of his many costumes (thanks Jeri) and stomping to and fro chanting silly things... "MOM! It's time! Come HERE!!!!!!!!!" I followed their happy voices to the back door and found this.Apparently Halloween had come a little early and we were going to celebrate.
All of our indoor Halloween decorations were taken outside and used appropriately to create a nice ambience.

They decided that it was only appropriate to eat outside for the party. There was even a special seat decorated for the "queen herself."
I was told I was the queen.

We ate dinner, played "pin the witch hat on the rocking horse," told ghost stories and even trick or treated. They planned and executed the entire thing.

Thanks for shaking our routine up a bit, kiddos. I think we all needed it :) I needed arms about 4 inches longer to get Luke's face in this one! At least his forehead is accounted for :)


Sue said...

Love that witch-hatted old nag.

(not you...the horse)


anitamombanita said...

what an adorable little fun to see all of you!