Thursday, November 3, 2011

Are You Making Eyeballs?!

That was the question I got as I stood in the kitchen smiling to myself as I stabbed these little eyeballs onto their forks. "Yes! That is exactly what they are!" I was so thrilled that the kids knew what they were :) We had a spooky dessert night for Jake's preschool co-op over at our friend's, the Webb's home. We were spoiled with Loriann making everyone a yummy dinner and then the kids had the time of their lives making their dessert choices: ghosts, pumpkins, witches brew, eyeballs, goblin hands, among other things. Here are the older sisters taking center stage.
We got home and realized that Halloween was the next day and we hadn't carved our pumpkins!! So, Sunday night, we went to work. Here's what we came up with:

Luke was fast asleep by this point. I think the kids ended up going to be close to 11pm. Lovely. But memories were made :)

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Sue said...

Such a cute family you have!