Wednesday, November 2, 2011


It feels like our Hawaiian trip was already eons ago...I'm ready to go back and I think everyone else feels the same way! I'm finally getting around to posting the pictures (check the slideshow above) :) We tried something new this year and went in September which was WONDERFUL! No crowds!!! The only sad part was that we weren't complete. Mom decided she really wanted to go to culinary school and the program began before our trip ended. So we REALLY missed her. But we are so proud of her for getting out there and doing what she loves. Although, I don't know how you can perfect perfection when it comes to cooking :) Chris and Kalei are busier than ever in their first year of dental school, so we aren't expecting them to be able to join us any time soon...but when they do, it'll be a happy day. With the Merrills in Oahu

Let's see, what did we do? Relax, swim, eat, read, hike, visit with good friends, play, sleep, exercise and did I mention eat?! Hard to come back to reality after such a wonderful trip. I feel so blessed to have the family we do. Hard to get sick of each other... and I know that's rare :)

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Sue said...

I know what you mean. I appreciate my family, too, and I don't take those relationships for granted.


PS. Looks like such fun, Julie!